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Hygiene Rating Audit Agency (HRAA)


Phistream is the leading HRAA (Hygiene Rating Audit Agency) in food safety compliance and hygiene standards. As an accredited agency, we conduct transparent hygiene rating audits, certifying food businesses based on FSSAI and QCI norms. Our comprehensive assessment process helps businesses improve their hygiene practices and gives consumers the confidence they need when choosing where to eat or procure food.

Who Can Apply

Following food businesses can apply for Hygiene Rating Scheme:

  1. Restaurants, Cafeteria, Dhabhas, and Hotels

  2. Meat Retail Shop

  3. Sweet Shops

  4. Bakery Shops

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  1. Self-Assessment: Conduct a self-assessment using the official Hygiene Rating Scheme checklist. Identify areas needing improvement and make necessary changes.

  2. Compliance Requirements: Ensure your food business has an active FSSAI License/Registration, follows schedule 4 requirements, displays FSDBs, appoints FoSTaC trained Food Safety Supervisors and conducts periodic food and water sample testing (applicable for licensed FBOs only).

  3. Schedule an Audit: Contact Phistream Consulting to schedule an on-site audit once you are confident in your compliance. We will work with you to find a suitable time for the assessment.

  4. Hygiene Rating Certificate: After the audit, our qualified Hygiene Rating Auditor will prepare a detailed report and submit it to the Hygiene Rating Audit Agency for approval. Upon approval, you will receive your Hygiene Rating certificate, displaying your commitment to hygiene and safety, which can be proudly displayed to assure consumers.



We understand that food businesses strive to enhance their hygiene ratings continually. If you wish to improve your rating, follow these steps:

  1. Review the Audit Checklist: Identify areas where compliance is lacking and determine the issues that need addressing.

  2. Implement Corrective Actions: Take concrete steps to ensure compliance with the Hygiene Rating Scheme requirements. Train your staff, improve processes, and maintain a high standard of hygiene.

  3. Schedule a Re-Audit: Once you are confident in your improvements, contact us to schedule a re-audit. Our auditor will verify your changes and update your hygiene rating accordingly.

At Phistream Consulting Private Limited, we are dedicated to promoting food safety and hygiene across the industry. Join us in our mission to provide consumers with safe and reliable dining experiences while boosting your food business's reputation.

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