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Pre Production/Execution Inspection

This is carried out primarily to assess the quality of raw materials.
In works such inspection serves as a benchmark to control upcoming activities.

In Line Inspection

This focusses on quality aspects pertaining to process and ensures that the equipments and manpower are competent and suitable for desired quality. It also ensures that the process is streamlined for expected output.

Pre Despatch Inspection

This enables the buyer to control the handling of finished product. It emphasises sampling and testing of product and packaging before delivery.
In works, this serves as final inspection before commissioning or acceptance.

Mystery Shopping

In order to assess the performance of distributor/dealer/retailer mystery shopping is a powerful tool. It provides the client insights into product positioning, competitor behaviour, and partner performance

Our Credentials

Statutory Factory Inspection

Phistream carried out statutory factory inspection on behalf of the Bureau of Indian Standards to ascertain the quality standards in production of various industrial, commercial and household items.

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