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Almost all big corporates and multinationals desire a lean and agile team. Even government has been downsizing departments to improve efficiency. Moreover creating a team with long term commitment is not feasible in the continuously changing environment.
Phistream has been providing cost effective solutions in IT and Technical domains thereby helping its clients maintain focus on core business without worrying for human resource.

Our Credentials

Short term Support

Phistream provides team for short term campaigns for product promotions, sales schemes, product launches.
We also provide resources for market survey and mystery shopping.

Long Term Engagement

We assist various organisations with long term contractual resources without having to care for statutory and legal requirements.
We have been supporting our clients with Technical, non Technical and IT resources for last 10 years.

On Call Support

Phistream also provides experts in various domains on man-day basis to its clients for specific and non regular requirements.
We had provided financial, legal and technical expertise to organisations in Oil & Gas, IT and Infrastructure sectors.

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